Ágústa Guðmundsdóttir

Professor of food chemistry
University of Iceland


Curriculum vitae


Name: Ágústa Guðmundsdóttir

Birthplace:                  Reykjavík

Date of birth:              July 2. 1945

Address:                    Skildinganes 29

                                    101  Reykjavík, Iceland

Phone:                        354-55-11168 (home), 
                                    354-525-4800 (work)

E-mail:                        ag@hi.is

Spouce:                        Jón Bragi Bjarnason, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Iceland

Work address:          Science Institute, University of Iceland, Department of Food Science,
            Laeknagardur, Vatnsmýrarvegi 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Position:                     Professor of food chemistry University of Iceland since 1993

Education:      1984-1988           University of Virginia, School of Medicine. Ph.D in microbiology

                        1982-1983           University of Iceland, B.S. honours in

                                                       biochemistry. Research at the Sci. Inst. of University of Iceland

                        1976-1980            University of Iceland, B.S. in food science

                        1972-1976            Junior college, Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð



1980-1984     Science Institute, University of Iceland, Department of Chemistry.

Research on heart lipid metabolism with main emphasis on the effect of various pharmaceuticals and environmental factors on the fatty acid composition of rat heart phospholipids

1984-1988     University of Virginia, Department of Microbiology

Structure of the vitamin B12 receptor, BtuB, in E.coli  using genetic engineering to manipulate the function of the protein.

1989-            Ongoing research projects:

1) Bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria as biopreservatives.  Involving isolation, characterization and large-scale production of  carnocin UI49 from Carnobacterium piscicola  with the purpose of using it as a food preservative

2) Genetic engineering and large-scale production of cod serine proteases (cloning, sequencing, expression and mutagenesis).  The main purpose of the project is: a) to characterize the determinants for the cold-activity of  the enzymes, b) to make derivatives of the enzymes with increased stability and c) large-scale production the enzymes and their derivatives for industrial use, in particular food manufacturing and for medical purposes.

3) Expression and mutagenesis of the cDNA encoding Euphauserase, a brachyurin type Antarctic krill serine protease.  Research performed in collaboration with Phairson Medical Ltd. in London.  The main purpose of the project is to produce recombinant Euphauserase in Pichia pastoris  for medical purposes.  Also, to make derivatives of the enzyme with increased stability to autolysis in order to increase its shelf-life.


Research funding


1989               Icelandic Council of Science, National Research Council, University of Iceland Reaearch Foundation

1990               Nordic Industrial Foundation, National Research Council

1991               University of Iceland Reaearch Foundation, Icelandic Council of Science, Nordic Industrial foundation, National Research Council

1992               National Research Council, Nordic Industrial Foundation, University of Iceland Research Foundation

1993               National Research Council, Nordic Industrial Foundation, Icelandic Council of Science, University of Iceland Research Foundation

1994               National Research Council, Icelandic Council of Science, University of Iceland Research Foundation

1995               The Icelandic Research Council (R &D division and Science division), The University of Iceland Research Foundation

1996               The Icelandic Research Council (Science division),
                        The University of Iceland Research Foundation

1997               The Icelandic Research Council (Science division),
                        The University of Iceland Research Foundation

1998               Icelandic Research Council, Technical Division,
               TheUniversity of Iceland Research Foundation, Phairson Medical Ltd.

1999               Icelandic Research Council, Phairson Medical Ltd.

2000               Icelandic Research Council




1986               NATO Research Fellowship

1990               Fulbright Research Award

1993               Fulbright Research Award 


Teaching activities


1979-1980     Icelandic Nursing Academy, lectures in biochemsitry,
                        organic chemistry and nutrition

1980-1984    University of Iceland:Biochemistry and organic chemistry

1985               University of Virginia:  Medical microbiology 

1998                    University of Iceland:

Undergraduate courses in food chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and microbiology

Graduate courses in molecular biology (membrane proteins) and genetically modified foods           



                        European Biochemistry Society

                        Biochemistry Association of Iceland

                        Icelandic Academy of Sciences

                        The Icelandic Association of Food Scientists and Nutritionists

                        Biology Association of Iceland

                        The Icelandic Accociation for Quality Control

                        Rotary Club of Reykjavík

                        Rotary International


Administrative activities

1989-1993     Nordic Industral Foundation: Steering committee member of the NI Umbrella Program on Protein Engineering

1989               Nordic Council of Ministers: Steering committee member on the use of "New Biotechnology" in the food industry

1989               Steering committee: "Bacterial enzymes for industrial use" in Iceland

1989               Steering committee: Association of Food Scientists and Nutritionists in Iceland

1989               Steering committee: The Icelandic association for Quality Control

1990-              Steering committee: The Icelandic Council for Nutrition

1991                    Steering committee: Department of Chemistry

1991-1999     Committee chairman for the evaluation of seven candidates for tenior promotions,
  Faculty of Sciences, University of Iceland.

1995-1999       Chairman of the Food Science Department, University of Iceland

1995-1999      Member of the sub-group of the European Union program on Structural Biology

1996-1999        Member of the European Union Food-FAIR Programme Committee

1997-1999        Member of the advisory committee to the president of the University of Iceland
 regarding public relations and gevernment interaction

1992-1999      Member of the Ministry of Health committee on human nutrition

1995-1999        Member of the University of Icelands committee on industrial interaction

1995-2000        In charge of a project on behalf of the University of Iceland on fundraising for a Food
                         Science Institute building in Reykjavík


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