The web interface for the Hydrological data in Iceland

This is a prototype of a web app developed by Daniel Pinedo with his BS studies at UI. This project is a joint collaboration between Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO), Reykjavík University (RU) and University of Iceland (UI).

River Ytri-Rangá

Metadata and map


          Station Site: vhm 59 Ytri-Rangá, Árbæjarfoss
          Station Name: Árbæjarfoss
          Station Number: V321
          LocalX: 434077,000000
          LocalY: 373971,000000
          Datum:  ---
          Parameter Name: P & T
          Parameter Type: Meteo data
          Parameter Type Name:  River Discharge, mean aereal precipitation, mean aereal T
          Time series Name: vhm59/V321/Q.U/HDay.Mean
          Time series Unit: m³/s
          GlobalX:  434077,000000
          GlobalY:  373971,000000
          Longitude:  ---
          Latitude: ---

Hydro Meteorological data

The first chart contains the whole data, the other three charts below display the duration curve for each kind of data. You can zoom in any chart by dragging the mouse over them, the duration curve charts are linked to the main one by zoom area selected in it. You can also hide any line on the main chart by clicking on them at the top left of the chart.

Duration curves of selected time period