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2004Doctor of Science (Technology),Helsinki University of Technology
2001Licentiate of Science (Technology),Helsinki University of Technology
1998Master of Science (Technology),Helsinki University of Technology

Working history

2015-2018 Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Iceland, Iceland
2012-2015 Senior Research Scientist, Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University (TKK), Finland
2009-2011 Senior Research Scientist, Department of Computer Science, Aalto University (TKK), Finland
2006-2009 Senior Researcher, FTW, Vienna, Austria.
2005-2006 Post doc researcher, Q2S, NTNU, Norway.
2001-2005 Senior Research Scientist, Networking Laboratory, TKK, Finland.
1998-2001 Research Scientist, Networking Laboratory, TKK, Finland.
1997-1998 Research Assistant, Networking Laboratory, TKK, Finland.
(Laboratory of Telecommunications at that time.)

Some activities in past projects

2016-2017 FQ4BD project, studying large-scale parallel server systems emerging in the context of cloud computing and Big Data. (PI)
2013-2017 TOP-energy project, analyzing server farms in the energy-aware context.
2012-2015 PDP project, studying searching and indexing content in opportunistic networks.
2010-2012 RESMAN, Resource Management in Delay-tolerant Mesh and Ad-hoc Networks.
2000-2010 Java applets written long ago for demonstration purposes.
2009-2011 Metropol, Metropolitan Area Demand Responsive Transport project (see also Metropol@Comnet).
2008-2009 PRIvacy-aware Secure Monitoring (PRISM) project, applications of cryptographic primitives in traffic monitoring systems
2008-2009 Cost Action IC0703, Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA)
2006-2009 Data Analysis and Reporting in Wireless Networks (DARWIN); performance, anomaly and security studies in an operational 3G network based on network traffic measurements.
2005 AHRAS project, mobility models and characterization of traffic load in large wireless multi-hop networks
2004 FIT project, studies of (RWP) mobility models and various network level problems in optical networks
2001-2003 Optical Access Networks (OAN) project, RWA and optical burst switching (OBS) in optical access networks
1997-2000 COST 257 project, routing and wavelength allocation (RWA) problems in all-optical networks