E. Hyytiä, J. Virtamo and R. Righter, Admission Control to M/G/1 Subject to General Class-Specific Admission and Rejection Costs, in 32nd International Teletraffic Congress (ITC'32), 2020, Osaka, Japan.

Abstract: We consider the M/G/1 queue where job sizes become known upon arrival subject to a general cost structure. More specifically, we are interested in determining the optimal admission policy to the (size-aware) system with multiple job-classes each having its own admission and rejection costs. The cost for admitting a job is a class-specific function of the waiting time. As a special case, we consider a deadline cost structure where admitting a job that will be late has a smaller cost than rejecting it. We analyse the system within the framework of Markov decision processes, and derive expressions that enable us to determine the size-aware value function, and the optimal class-specific admission control, as well as the resulting mean cost. The availability of the value function allows one to develop efficient dispatching policies for a system with heterogeneous parallel servers.

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