AM 748 I 4to
[copied from Finnur Jónsson's facsimile edition, 1896]

1 recto

1 verso

2 recto

2 verso

3 recto

3 verso

4 recto

4 verso

5 recto

5 verso

6 recto

6 verso

Dating from ca. 1300, or the first quarter of the 14th century, this fragmentary manuscript is precious indeed, as it contains the only extant variant texts of five Eddaic poems, otherwise only preserved in the Codex Regius, and the only extant text of Baldrs draumar. Six sheets of the manuscript have been preserved. They contain complete versions of Grímnismál and Hymiskviđa, and partial texts of Vafţrúđnismál (20:2-55), Skírnismál (1-27), and Hárbarđsljóđ (19:7-60). The last page ends with the first lines of the prose introduction to Völundarkviđa.