RSDRPA 16:5-8

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a er avrvrsis esvavrrasiravrrasir esjo er rrasis eisa
s hrimnis flo drosaros s Hrmnis fl drsar
til ramonis rvar  til rmnis rar
iost af greipar briosti.  jst- af greipar -brjsti.

The poet, seemingly drunk with his potent imagery, continues his word-play in a similar vein:

er s eisa flaug af jst-brjsti greipar rrasis Hrmnis drsar til rmnis rar, i.e. "when the hissing cinder took flight from the hostile breast of the grip [palm] of the ardent lover of Hrmnir's maiden [giant] towards the one who strongly misses rr [rr]".

The adjective ss "sparkling, hissing" is not found in the Old Norse corpus, but Scandinavian cognates strongly support this meaning.

jst-brjsti greipar ] In the former half-stanza, "mouth of the hand" was used as a kenning for the greip "grip", i.e. the mouth-like space formed between the thumb and the rest of the hand. The poet here continues exploring the possibilities, and calls the palm of the hand "breast (chest) of the grip (greip)". This circumlocution is likely based on the word handarbak "back of the hand". The back is opposite the chest, as the back of the hand is opposite the palm. jst means "hostility, fury". Thus jst-brjst greipar is the palm of the enemy, which throws the dangerous missile, s eisa "the hissing cinder".

rrasis Hrmnis drsar ] The meaning of rrasir is probably "ardent lover", or "passionate luster". Hrmnir is a giant, his maiden (drs) a giantess. The lover of the giantess is, again, a giant, here Geirrr.

rmnis rar ] rmnir probably means "he who strongly longs for, or misses" (but could also be a synonym of rrasir). rr is Thor's daughter. This kenning is usually taken to refer to a lost myth, in which Thor's daughter was abducted by the giant Hrungnir (cp. the kenning rar jfr for Hrungnir). Such an interpretation seems dubious. Thor might simply long for, or miss, his daughter, like any parent on a long journey away from his children.

The sexual subtext is still apparent (cp. two former half-stanzas): rrasir drsar = "he who lusts after the girl", rmnir rar = "he who desires Thrud passionately", and Greipar brjsti = "Greip's breast".

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