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ne liđfa/stvm lista  ne liđföstum Lista
latr valrvgar mattvval rygirvalrygirlátrval-Rygir máttu
alldr minnkanda elldaraldrs; eldaalldaraldrminnkanda aldar
ellv steins of bella.  Ellu steins of bella.

The meaning of the final half-stanza can hardly be doubted:

ne máttu látrval-Rygir Lista of bella liđföstum aldrminkanda aldar Ellu steins, i.e. "the Rogalanders of the Lister of the falcon-lair [giants] were unable to harm the firmly supportive shortener of the lifespan of the men of the rock-king [Ţjálfi]".

Lista látrval-Rygir ] is a kenning for giants, better understood as Rygir Lista val-látrs "the Rogalanders of the Listi of the falcon-lair". The Rygir were inhabitants of Rogaland, a district in Norway. Listi, as we have seen earlier (13:5), was a Norwegian district. "The men of the district of the falcon-lair (cliff)" are mountain-dwellers, i.e. giants.

bella ] is an obscure verb, but with the dative it means "stand up to, act violently against, do harm to".

liđföstum ] "firm in support, reliable". In 18:7 brautar liđ seemingly referred to Ţjálfi. It might thus be suggested that this half-stanza refers to him, rather than Thor.

aldrminkanda aldar Ellu steins ] "shortener of the lifespan of the men of the rock-king" is a slayer of giants. Ella was a Northumbrian king. The kenning may simply refer to Thor, but probably refers to Ţjálfi (see above).

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