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Freysteinn Sigmundsson
Október 2006

- Nature News and Views

Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Plate tectonics: Magma does the splits, Nature, 442, 251-252, 2006.

 - Bók / Book

Sigmundsson, F. (2006), Iceland Geodynamics, Crustal Deformation and Divergent Plate Tectonics, Praxis Publishing - Springer Verlag, Chichester, UK, 209 pp.

 - Ritrýndar greinar og bókarkaflar / Reviewed papers


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 - Ađrar greinar frćđilegs eđlis / Other papers

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 - Skýrslur / Reports

Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Páll Einarsson, Páll Halldórsson, Steinunn Jakobsdóttir, Kristín Vogfjörđ, Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, Jónas Ţór Snćbjörnsson, Earthquakes and faults in the Kárahnjúkar area - Review of hazards and recommended further studies, Landsvirkjun report LV-2005/027.

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 - Prófritgerđir / Theses

Sigmundsson, F., Crustal Deformation Studies in Sub-aerial Parts of the World Oceanic Rift System: Iceland and Afar, Ph. D. thesis, University of Colorado, Boulder, 112 pp., 1992.

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