Gunnar Stefansson

Teaching material Useful links Studies and research
  • [Applied] Linear Statistical Models (STĂ 310 and 312) .
  • Grundv÷llur t÷lfrŠ­innar.
    Older teaching material
  • Bl÷ndu­ lÝk÷n (09.12.43) .
  • FiskifrŠ­i.
  • LÝnuleg algebra og t÷lfrŠ­i .
  • T÷lfrŠ­i I.
  • LÝnuleg t÷lfrŠ­ilik÷n .
  • ËlÝnuleg bestun.
  • FiskifrŠ­i II (┌relt) .
  • T÷lfrŠ­i fyrir t÷lvunarfrŠ­inema (1999).
  • LÝnuleg algebra og t÷lfrŠ­i (gamalt).

  • R links.
  • R-project homepage.
  • A well-organized intro (kick-start) to R.
  • An interactive R course.
  • A great R-page.
  • Stuff on R at the Statistics Centre.
    LaTEX links.
  • A LaTEX cookbook.
  • For finding symbols.
  • For previewing pieces of code.
  • A manual - google for lshort.pdf to find e.g. this one .
    Misc links.
  • The tutor-web.
  • Unix handbook in Icelandic.

  • Research, papers etc.
  • Publications and citations.
  • Research interests.
  • Marine multspecies models.
    Stats center, PhD studies, colloquia etc.
  • The Statistics Centre
  • Statistics Colloquium
  • Education and research in statistics at the University of Iceland
  • Stats jobs and fellowships in Iceland
  • Instructions for international students.
  • Stats jobs-general info
  • Graduate studies in statistics
    MAS: Master's degree in Applied Statistics
    MS studies in statistics
    PhD studies in statistics
    PhD studies in ecological modelling

    The Statistics Centre was set up to provide statistical advice, mainly within the University of Iceland. Advisory sessions are planned in advance by sending an e-mail to - see also the Statistics Centre web page. UPDATE: This is no longer funded by the university. We no longer have funding or staff to provide this service.
    1 Students are encouraged to come in during office hours. Otherwise by appointment.
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