Chapter 1
Growing Apart

You are herewith invited to download the PowerPoint slides accompanying Principles of Economic Growth.

The slides, about 300 in number, summarize the contents of the book chapter by chapter through a mixture of text, tables, figures, and original artwork by Vignir Jˇhannsson. They are intended primarily as a teaching aid, for use in the classroom, but they can be used also as a learning aid. The text was adapted from the book by Dagfinnur Sveinbj÷rnsson, M. Phil. from Cambridge and now a Ph. D. student of politics at the University of Michigan and Harvard, in collaboration with the author. 

The slides are offered free of charge to instructors who adopt the book for their courses and to students.

The best way to use the slides in class is to transfer them to a portable computer and then hook up the computer to a projector in the classroom. Alternatively, the slideshow can be run from a zip disc, a compact disc, or a "finger". (Ordinary diskettes are too small for the show.)

You can download the slides and save them to your disc by clicking on the headings shown here. Thereafter you can do what you like with them: edit them as you see fit, translate them to your own language, whatever. Some users may wish to remove the animation from some of the graphs which show how curves shift and how new equilibrium points emerge. Others may wish to add animation to the analytical graphs in Chapter 4, to build them up gradually, block by block. We have tried to strike a balance between not too much animation and not too little.

If you choose to use them, we hope you will find the slides useful in your teaching.

Chapter 2
Roots and Branches

Chapter 3
Quantity and Quality

Chapter 4
The Importance of Being Efficient

Chapter 5
Reforms and Growth

Portraits of Growth Theorists

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Adam Smith
by Vignir Jˇhannsson

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