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Old Norse grammar and phonology

Old Norse Online
- Lessons and extensively glossed texts. Excellent!
Glosses.net - Old Norse
- Miscellanous thoughts on Old Norse by a competent linguist. Includes a part of the V÷lundarkvi­a read aloud!
Ragnarsdrßpa - read aloud
- Professor Lindow reads Ragnarsdrßpa aloud. One could wish for a higher degree of phonological accuracy but his reading is not altogether without merit.
- Proto-Norse - read aloud!
13. aldar Ýslenska
- A 13th century Icelandic text read aloud with an attempt at reconstructed pronunciation
The Old Norse Language
- Useful Swedish site.
Mßl vÝkinga
- Another site by the same author.
Icelandic Tutorials
- Grammar and texts, fairly high quality.
- Conjugation of verbs. Includes the modern and old Scandinavian languages.

Texts in Old Norse and Icelandic

Easy Readings in Old Icelandic
- An old book, made available on the Web. It contains numerous Old Icelandic texts, each followed by a glossary. There are some typos in this online version but it should be good enough to be useful.
Jˇnas HallgrÝmsson - Selected Poetry and Prose
- Higly recommended. Icelandic 19th century poetry with English translations and commentaries. Also includes excellent explanations of Icelandic poetic metres.
- A large collection of interesting Icelandic texts. Old Icelandic texts (with modern spelling) can be found by clicking on 'Fornrit', for the prose, and 'KvŠ­i' -> 'FornkvŠ­i' for the poetry. Very few typos.
Runes from Bergen
- Some 670 runic carvings from Bergen. [As of January 2005 the page seems gone.]
Old Norse e-texts
- Excellent collection of manuscript texts.

Other Old Norse items

- Critical editions of Old Icelandic literature - and more. Very high quality.
Old Icelandic Dictionary
- Useful indeed! Kudos to the people that brought the book online.
Norroen dřr­
- I'm pretty sure this one is brilliant; unfortunately, for me, it is also in Russian.
Rob's Old Norse Page
- This fellow has a rather interesting perspective on learning Old Norse (also take a look at his Jacob's Ladder!).
Kiyo's Norse Links
- Huge link page! Very useful.

Other items of interest

SAMPA Phonetic Transcription Homepage
- Further reference to the phonetic transcription standard which is used in the course.
Foreign Language Resource Center
- Help on typing non-English characters.