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These pages contain various recordings of Old Norse texts read by myself. I tend to offer both my normal Icelandic pronunciation and and an attempt at "reconstructed" Old Norse pronunciation.
Please note that what we know about the way Old Norse was pronounced back in the 13th century is only an approximation. Furthermore my reading only reflects my knowledge of the scholarly approximation, not always complete. When I made some of the earliest recordings I didn't know things I know now.
Furthermore, even if I theoretically knew all there was to know I still wouldn't be able to pronounce the texts naturally, fluently or precisely. What you're listening to is, thus, only an approximation of an approximation. Don't take it too seriously.
That said my efforts are probably somewhat more accurate than what little else is out there (see the links section).
All files are in MP3 format. The sound quality varies depending on the kind of recording equipment and technical skill I have had at each point in time.
Egill Skallagrímsson
Try listening to the files while reading the stanzas - see if you can follow.
More recordings can be found in the reader.