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Getting Started

You can of course use the material in any order you feel is appropriate. These are just some suggestions.
The first part of the course has been completed. It consists of the following material in this suggested order.
Lesson 1 Toon: King Olaf's cheese
Toon: The Spearman Lesson 4
Article: The Norse and English Tongues Lesson 5
Lesson 2 Lesson 6
Toon: The Thieves Lesson 7
Toon: King Olaf's dream Lesson 8
Lesson 3 Lesson 9
If you know some German you'll probably want to read Some Common Features of Old Norse and German early on.
The article on pronunciation should be at least glanced at at some point. If you're speech oriented it'll probably be one of the first things you read. After that you'll want to listen to the recordings. If you're more text oriented that's okay too. But occasionally phonetic features will be useful to explain the written language so you shouldn't completely neglect the pronunciation.
If you complete all or most of the lessons and already know the Younger Futhark you can try tackling the rune projects. Fighting your way through some of the texts in the reader may be rewarding at a similar stage.
We very much recommend that you join the mailing list early on. It's a good place to ask questions, get help and meet people with similar language interests.
If you're doing well and have completed a few lessons we recommend you purchase Michael Barnes' grammar. It's readable and accurate. With this course, Barnes' book and the online dictionary you'll have all the tools you need to start learning Old Norse.