Heida M. Sigurdardottir • Dept. of Neurosci. • Brown Univ. • Box G-LN • Providence, RI 02912

Shape beyond recognition: How object form biases spatial attention and motion perception

Heida M. Sigurdardottir, Suzanne M. Michalak, and David L. Sheinberg

A truly fast, efficient visual system should be able to accurately predict an object’s future location or motion path from even a single snapshot in time and use such information to bias both overt and covert visual orienting so that the object can be located, tracked, and information sampled from it.

Our work shows that objects have an intrinsic directionality derived from their shape. This shape information is swiftly and automatically incorporated into the allocation of overt and covert visual orienting and the detection of motion, processes which themselves are inherently directional.