Hjlmtr Hafsteinsson

Associate professor of computer science


Office - Taeknigardur, 2. floor, room 210
Office phone - +354 525 4932
Fax - +354 552 8801
Email - hh (at) hi.is
Address -
Computer Science
University of Iceland
101 Reykjavik

Research areas

My main areas of research are related to parallel algorithms and sparse matrices. I have tried to find better methods to solve sparse linear equations on parallel computers. I am also interested in computer graphics and algorithms for strings and graphs.

My life

I graduated in 1984 from the University of Iceland with a BS degree in computer science and got a PhD in computer science from Cornell University in 1989. I was a research associate at the Science Institute - University of Iceland, until I became an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science. Since 1994 I have been an associate professor.


I have taught various courses in the Computer Science department. Below is a list of my main courses.
hh (at) hi.is