TÖL203F Algorithms, Logic and Complexity
(Reiknirit, rökfræði og reiknanleiki)

Spring 2014


The exam is on May 5th at 13:30-16:30. All written material allowed. Structure similar to last year's exam [April 10th 2014]
The last lecture will start at 9:00 on thursday April 10th [April 7th 2014]
List of covered material for the course has been posted [April 7th 2014]

General information

The teacher for class this semester is Hjálmtýr Hafsteinsson dósent. The textbook for this semester is the same one as last year: Computability and Logic, 5th ed. by George S. Boolos, John P. Burgess and Richard C. Jeffrey.

There will be weekly homeworks that will count for 25% of the total grade of the course and a project/presentation that will count for 10%. Thus the final exam will count for 65% of the total grade.

The lectures are at 10:00 on mondays in room V-151 and at 8:20 on thursdays in room Et according to the latest schedules.


Project presentations

We will have 3 presentations in the monday lecture, starting on March 17th. Below are the current bookings: The grade for the presentations will be based on 4 components: Subject knowledge, Organization, Slides, and Delivery. A grading rubic will be used to grade the presentation, where points (1-4) will be given for each component.

Interesting material related to the course

Material on Discrete Math

Free online symbolic calculators

JFLAP Turing Machines

hh (hja) hi.is, April 2014.