TÖL203F Algorithms, Logic and Complexity


The project involves students picking one subject related to the course material and giving a 20 min. talk. The talks should be in Powerpoint (or similar) form and they will be placed on the course website afterwards.

The talks will be graded based on four elements: contents, organization, quality of slides, and presentation.

Below is a list of available topics. You can also suggest other topics, but they have to be related to the course material. Only one student can pick each subject - first come, first gets! You should have picked a topics before March 3rd.

Some of the topics have a reference linked to it, but if a link is missing then you should be able to get more information using Google. Also don't hesitate to seek out other references than then one provided.

The presentations will start on monday March 17th.

hh (hja) hi.is, February 24th, 2014.