Strfrimynstur tlvunarfri

Introduction to the course


Hjlmtr Hafsteinsson , associate professor
Office: 210, second floor Tknigarur
email: hh (hja)


The lectures are in room H-3 on mondays at 11:05 and thursdays in room V-158 at 9:40. There are 3 section: In addition to the lecturer the section teachers are Benedikt Steinar Magnsson and mir Vigfsson.


The textbook is the same one as previous years, but in a new edition, 5th edition: Kenneth H. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 5. tgfa. It is very doubtful that you can use the edition from two years ago (i.e. 4th edition).

Grades and homework

There will be weekly homework that will be put on the homepage late wednesdays. You are to turn in solutions to your section teachers box in VR-II before noon on mondays. The homework will be graded, and the total grade counts for 10% of the final grade for the course.

Most of the homework will not be very hard, so you should always start by trying to solve the problems yourselves. Most of the time you will succeed, but in case of complicated problems you are allowed to disscuss the problems with other students and even work on them together. Be very careful that you do not end up just passively accept solutions from other students. In the end that will benefit you less than handing in incomplete solutions that you have worked on completely by yourself.

hh (hja), August, 2004.