StŠr­frŠ­imynstur Ý t÷lvunarfrŠ­i

Weekly note 15

In this last week of the semester there will only be review and exam information in the lecture, i.e. the monday lecture, there will be no lecture on thursday. In the sections we will cover homework 13 from Weekly note 14.

An overview of the material for the exam is on a separate page (in icelandic only). The exam will be on the monday December 12th at 13:30-16:30. All written material will be allowed and a calculator might be helpful. The exam will also be available in english. The problems on the exam will take into account that all written material is allowed, so they will be similar to most of the homework problems that you have had this fall. In all of the problems the rule is: An answer without valid reasoning is worthless.

The 10 best problem sets will count for 10% of the final grade. They will not lower the final grade.

Remember that you can ask questions about the material on the message board. We will monitor it closely and answer questions as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

hh (hja), December 5th, 2005.