StŠr­frŠ­imynstur Ý t÷lvunarfrŠ­i

Weekly note 6

This week we will continue with number theory (2.4) and then look at various algorithms for integers (2.5).

Next week we look at proofs again (3.1) and especially induction (3.3).

Below are 5 excercises that you are to solve and turn in to your section teacher before noon monday october 10th. Remember to mark your solutions with the number of your section and the name of the section teacher. Also below are few extra excercises that you can use to practice on and make sure that you have understood the material. Some of them will be solved in the sections if there is time.

Homework 6

  1. Exercise 22 in section 2.4 on page 167 in the textbook.

  2. Exercise 48 in section 2.4 on page 168 in the textbook.

  3. What sequence of pseudorandom numbers is generated using the linear congruential generator xn+1 = (7xn + 3) mod 11 with seed x0 = 7.

  4. Exercise 22 b), e) in section 2.5 on page 180 in the textbook.

  5. Exercise 30 of the supplementary exercises for chapter 2 on page 210 in the textbook.

Hand these exercices in before noon monday october 10th.

Also take a look at the following excercices:
From section 2.4:
From section 2.5:
5, 11, 21, 23, 29.

Remember that the above exercises are for you to practice on, and that you get the most out of them by trying to solve them yourselves (not by looking at someone else solving them!). The exercises in bold are more "interesting" than the others and it is more likely that they will be covered in the sections.

hh (hja), October 3rd, 2005.