T÷lvunarfrŠ­i 2

Weekly note 5

This week we will finish the disscussion on the big-O notation. Then we will go on in the Algorithms textbook and cover chapter 3, on linked lists.

The sections this week (Feb. 8th and 9th) will be in the class rooms. In the sections we will go over the last homework.

Problem set 5

Solve the following problems and put the solutions into your section teacher's box before noon monday Feb. 14th. They will not accept solutions that arrive later.

  1. Exercise 2.47 on page 58 of the Algorithms book.

  2. Exercise 2.49 on page 58 of the Algorithms book.

  3. Exercise 3.1 on page 82 of the Algorithms book.

  4. Exercise 3.24 on page 97 of the Algorithms book.

  5. Exercise 3.36 on page 106 of the Algorithms book.

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