Computer Technology and Society

Assignment 3

  1. Problem 31 on page 89 of the textbook.

  2. Problem 37 a), c), d) on page 90 of the textbook.

  3. Problem 50 on page 91 of the textbook.

  4. Consider question 6 in Social Issues on page 92. Write down a few sentences on your view of the matter and be prepared discuss the issue in the section.

  5. Get the program Simpsim, which is a simulator for the assembly language defined in Appendix C in the textbook (and explained in Chapter 2). Download the assembly language program test.asm and load it into Simpsim. Assemble it (the command Assemble! in the textwindow) and execute it (using the command Run or Step. Where is the memory cell marked C in the memory and what does it contain when the program has finished executing?

Hand these exercises in before noon on tuesday September 19th.

hh (hja), September 12th, 2006.