Computer Technology and Society

Assignment 5

In this assignment you will try out the Linux operating system. In particular you will look at the Knoppix distribution of Linux. Knoppix is a so called "live"-version, where you can start the operating system up from a CD without it having any effect on the operating system which is already on the computer.

You should download version 5.01 of Knoppix from their Webpage (the file is called KNOPPIX_V5.0.1CD-2006-06-01-EN.iso) and burn it onto a CD (remember to burn it as "boot image"). There will be a few ready-made CDs distributed in the lecture on September 26th for those who can't burn one themselves. You might want to download it from the icelandic mirror. Then you will need to access a computer where you can change the boot sequence in the BIOS. The computers in the RHÍ computer labs are all locked, so that they can't be used for this assignment. Usually the operating system boots up from the hard drive, so that you will have to move the CD drive in front of the hard drive in the boot sequece. It varies between computers how to access the BIOS, but when the computer is turned on you will usually see a brief message on this. The most common keys to hit are F2 or DEL. When the boot sequence has been changed then you can start up the computer with the Knoppix CD in the CD drive. This should start the Knoppix Linux.

There also exists a DVD version of Knoppix (the file is called KNOPPIX_V5.0.1DVD-2006-06-01-EN.iso) for those who are willing to download it. The Knoppix DVD contains considerably more software than the CD version.

When Knoppix is up and running then you should play around with it for a while to get a feel for how it is to work in this environment. Knoppix sets up the KDE desktop by default, but many Linux users do most of their work in the shells, which are command line windows. You can open the "Konsole" and thus acces the command line interface.

Look at the following:

If you have managed to access the Internet then pick up the files tilraun.doc, (created in MS Word 2000) and tilraun.xls, (created in MS Excel 2000), and make sure that everything is shown correctly.

Hand in a one page report on what you think of this environment before noon on tuesday October 3rd and be ready to discuss this in the section on the thursday October 5th.

hh (hja), September 26th, 2006.