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Homework 1

  1. Compare ENIAC to modern PCs in various ways, like computations speed, memory size, and physical size. Use these rates to estimate the features of computers in i) 10 years and ii) 25 years, if you assume that there are 55 years since ENIAC was built.

  2. Which computer is thought to have been the first one to use cache memory?. This information should be relatively easy for you to find on the Web (see links on the class homepage).

  3. We often say that ENIAC was the first computer. The English don´t agree and maintain that the first computer was built in Manchester in 1948. Give the main arguments for and against each computer.

  4. Give the main arguments for claiming that Konrad Zuse built the first computer.

  5. Compare the pro and cons of having only one fast bus in computers, instead of the hierarchy of busses of differing speeds like there are in modern PCs..

Hand these problems in on monday september 3rd.

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