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Homework 4

  1. In ISO 8859-9 the rarely used icelandic characters "Ž" and "Š" have been replaced by Turkish ones. Find what code the letters "Ž" and "Š" would have had in the UNICODE standard if the Turks had succeeded in this. Compare the codes to their current codes in UNICODE.

  2. Problem 3.3 on page 95 in the textbook.

  3. Problem 3.6 on page 96 in the textbook. Note that you can use a method similar to the one shown in Figure 3-13 (i.e. do not have to use method in Figure 3-15).

  4. Write the floating point numbers 271,625 and 2,5 in 32-bit IEEE-form and add them together using floating point addition. Show all intermediate values.

  5. Problem 3.10 on page 97 in the textbook.

Hand these problems in on monday september 24th.

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