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Homework 5

  1. Problem 7.8 on page 294 in the textbook.

  2. [Makeup exam 2000] A computer has 2-way cache with 64 byte lines and 256 sets.
    1. How large is the cache and describe how a 32 bit address is split up into tag, set number, and within line parts.
    2. Show three very different 32 bit addresses that would all map to the same set in this cache.
    3. If an integer (int) in a programming language is 4 bytes, what would be the closest element of the integer vector A that would map to the same set in the cache as A[0]?

  3. [Exam 2000] A computer has two 16KB 2-way set associative L1 cache memories with line size 32 bytes.
    1. Show how a 32 bit address is split up to be used with the above L1 cache (i.e. tag, choose set, within line).
    2. The L2 cache is 512KB, 8-way set associative with 64 byte lines. Show how the memory location with address (57C311EC)16, that is neither in L1 nor L2 cache maps into them.
    3. What is the hit ratio in the above L1 data cache in a program that executes 100 iterations of the following sequence of memory accesses: 0, 64, 128, ..., i*64, ..., 512*64?

  4. Problem 7.11 on page 295 in the textbook.

  5. Problem 7.16 on page 297 in the textbook.

Hand these problems in on monday november 19th.

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