Jóhanna Jakobsdóttir, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at The Centre of Public Health Sciences at the University of Iceland

In my research I focus on genetics of complex traits. I have studied age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, Alzheimer's, hearing-loss, cardiovascular disease and heart attack to name a few. My research focus is two-sided. On one side I focus on applied analysis of the genetics and epidemiology of various traits and on the theoretical side I focus on statistical methodology development. In particular I study the epidemiology and genetics of health-realted effects of trauma, such as sexual violence, death of a close relative, and a cancer diagnosis and I develop statistical methods and implement associated software for the analysis of genetic contribution to complex traits.

During the COVID19 epidemic in Iceland I worked with University of Iceland, University Hospital and Diractore of health to develop a model to predict the trajectory of the epidemic in Iceland. Now I also work on analyzing the ongoing study of the effect of the epidemic on mental health in Iceland.

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