Managing Projects with GNU Make and the GNU Make manual

Single PDF-file two column landscape versions

This web page has the book by Robert Mecklenburg, Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd edition, published by O'Reilly in 2004 and released by them under the GNU Free Documentation License in 2005. The book describes version 3.80 of GNU make. This web page also has a list of new features in GNU make versions 3.81 and 3.82, and the March 2010 GNU make manual (for version 3.81).

In March 2010 the book and the manual were downloaded from O'Reilly's web page (where the book is stored in 22 separate pdf files), and from the GNU home page (where the manual is in several different formats).

In the version here the 22 book files have been combined into one and pages have been arranged two per sheet for printing in landscape, slightly reduced (by about 4%). The manual has similarly been reduced (slightly more than the book) and rearranged to print two pages per sheet. Otherwise both the book and manual are identical to the original versions. There are two versions of the book, for A4 paper and for letter paper, but only an A4 version of the manual (the original is formatted for letter paper).

Changes to GNU make from version 3.80 to versions 3.81 and 3.82
GNU make manual (version 3.81)


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