"Systems theorists    GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 
  - see common principles in the structure and operation of
      systems of all kinds and sizes.

  - They promote an interdisciplinary science (GO)
     adapted for a universal application
     with a common language and area of concepts.

This approach is seen as a means of not only overcoming
- the fragmentation of knowledge  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 
- and the isolation of the specialist,
but also finding new solutions to problems created by the earlier "solution of
problems". "


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Modeling Instruction in High School Physics
The Modeling Method of High School Physics Instruction has been under development at Arizona State University for more than a decade under the leadership of    GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 
- David Hestenes, Professor of Physics.  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 

The program cultivates physics teachers as school experts on the use of technology in science teaching
, thereby providing schools and school districts with a valuable resource for broader reform.

Although infusion of technology into the classroom is a key component of this program, it is secondary to pedagogical reform. The project goals are fully aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

The Modeling Method corrects many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and persistence of naive beliefs about the physical world. Unlike the traditional approach, in which students wade through an endless stream of seemingly unrelated topics, the Modeling Method organizes the course around a small number of scientific models, thus making the course  coherent.  


"The ongoing fragmentation of knowledge and the resulting chaos in philosophy are not reflections of the real world but artifacts of scholarship. "

"Consilience is the key to unification. I prefer this word over "coherence" because its rarity has preserved its precision, whereas coherence has several possible meanings, only one of which is consilience.
William Whewell, in his 1840 synthesis
The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences,
 GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 
was the first to speak of consilience, literally a "jumping together" of knowledge by the
linking of facts and fact-based theory across disciplines to creat a common groundwork of explanation. "
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What is Productivity

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The Productivity of Knowledge


"The Productivity of Knowledge  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 

The productivity of knowledge is increasingly going to be the determining
factor in the competitive position of a country, an industry, a company.

In respect to knowledge, no country, no industry, no company has any 'natural'
advantage or disadvantage
. The only advantage it can possess is in respect to
how much it obtains from universally available knowledge.

The only thing that increasingly will matter in national as well as international
economics is management's performance in making knowledge productive.

Peter. F. Drucker (1993). POST-CAPITALIST SOCIETY. (GO) Butterworth-Heinemann,
Ltd., Oxford, United Kingdom.
"  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 

The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management
in the 20th century was

-  the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER
   in manufacturing.

The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st
century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK

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" We started the Core Management Foundation (GO) one and one-half years ago with
the avowed aim of tripling the effectiveness of nonprofit institutions (GO) and doubling
their share of the GNP. Those are realistic, but not easy, goals."

Knowledge has become the central resource.
   [But] the productivity of knowledge workers is incredibly low.

Does anybody here believe that the teacher of 1991 is more productive than the teacher of 1900?

The productivity of service workers is even lower....
Over three-fourths of our workforce are service and knowledge

By the end of the century, 90 per cent of total workers will be knowledge and service workers.
Productivity of knowledge work and dignity of service work are the two great priorities.

"James Brian Quinn    GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF 
[see KI, January 1997, “Leading Lights”] estimates that knowledge accounts for 75% of the value added even in manufacturing. "

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Microsoft’s Knowledge Management Vision (GO)

"Peter Drucker On The Information Executives Truly Need
Information for Wealth Creation

Enterprises are paid to create wealth, not control costs.
But that obvious fact is not reflected in traditional measurements. First-year accounting students are taught that the balance sheet portrays the liquidation value of the enterprise and provides creditors with worse case information. But enterprises at not normally run to be liquidated. They have to be managed as going concerns, that is, for wealth creation.

To do that requires information that enables executives to make informed judgments. It requires four sets of diagnostic tools: foundation information, productivity information, competence information, and information about the allocation of scarce resources.
Together, they constitute the executive's tool kit for managing the current business.
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"To succeed in this new world, we will have to learn, first, who we are. Few people, even highly successful people, can answer the questions, Do you know what you're good at? Do you know what you need to learn so that you get the full benefit of your strengths? Few have even asked themselves these questions.

On the contrary, most are proud of their ignorance.
There are human resource people who are proud of the fact that they can't read a balance sheet. Yet if you want to be effective today, you have to be able to read one. On the other hand, there are accountants who are equally proud of the fact that they cannot get along with people! That, of course, is nothing to be proud of, because anyone can learn to work smoothly with others. It is not hard, after all, to learn manners -- and manners are what allow people to get along. "

Every time you do something that is important, write down what you expect will happen
. The most important decisions in organizations are people decisions, (GO) and yet only the military, and only recently, has begun to ask, "If we assign this general to lead this base, what do we expect him to accomplish?" Three years later they look back at what they had written. They have now reached a point where 40 percent of their decisions work out."

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What is Productivity?  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF

Meta Knowledge  GO IG     LJ  GS    DEF