Leó Kristjánsson, Haukur Jóhannesson and Ingvar B. Friðleifsson
Paleomagnetic stratigraphy of the Mosfellssveit area, SW-Iceland. A pilot study. Jökull 41, 47 - 60, 1993.


A pilot stratigraphical study has been carried out of the basalt lava and hyaloclastite pile between Gufunes and Hafrahlíð in the Mosfellssveit area, Southwest Iceland, using paleomagnetic remanence polarities for correlation. About 200 units, mostly lavas, were sampled and measured for this purpose. Due to inadequate outcrops and to tectonic disturbances, the results are not entirely satisfactory, especially as regards the usefulness of the remanence data for geomagnetic secular variation studies. We provide descriptions and maps of the sampling profiles used in constructing a tentative polarity column for the area, which is predominantly of reverse polarity corresponding to Matuyama geomagnetic chron. Two normal polarity intervals in the lava pile are correlated with similar zones in the nearby Mt. Esja. There is evidence of at least eight glaciations in the area.