The Hume Society now invites nominations to the Executive Committee. Only
members of the Society are eligible for nomination; they must be proposed
by at least two other members and must agree to serve if elected in order
to be officially nominated. Proposals should be sent to the Executive
Secretary-Treasurer of the Hume Society by 30 November 1999 for the
elections to be held by mail ballot in December. Please note that
according to our constitution, "A member of the Hume Society shall be a
person who has paid dues for the current year." Nominations may be sent by
post or e-mail.

The Executive Committee should consist of ten members, nine of whom,
including the President of the Society, are elected by the membership (in
groups of three) to staggered three-year terms. The Secretary-Treasurer
(elected by the Executive Committee to a five-year term) serves ex officio
as the tenth member of the Executive Committee.

Three persons must now be elected to three-year terms which will run
through the end of 2002.

Those whose terms expire at the end of 1999 are Stephen Darwall, Simon
Blackburn and Daniel Flage. Steve will be completing his second consecutive
3-year term on the EC and is therefore not eligible for re-election. Simon
has served one 3-year term and is eligible for re-election. Daniel Flage,
who received a very considerable number of votes in last year's EC
election, was appointed by the EC for 1999 when Elizabeth Radcliffe and
Kenneth Winkler left the committee to take on the editorship of Hume
Studies; Dan is now eligible for election to a regular term.

Other members of the Executive Committee are currently:
John Biro (President), Jane McIntyre* and Jaqueline Taylor (terms running
to the end of 2000); Tito Magri, A.P. Pitson and John Wright* (terms
running to the end of 2001); and Mikael M. Karlsson (Secretary-Treasurer,
appointed through the end of 2002).

*Will not be eligible for re-election when current term expires.