Jennifer Lien was born August 24, 1974, in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. She has one older brother and an older sister.

   Jennifer knew early on that she wanted to act. Encouraged by an English teacher, along with a drama teacher, she joined the Illinois Theatre Center and began taking drama classes. She began performing in a summer theater and festivals at 13, in such roles as in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and "Othello" before moving on to more contemporary dramatic and musical theater. Jennifer first appeared in front of the camera playing twins in an industrial film for bubblegum for Amurol Chewing Gum. She made her television début when she guest starred in an episode of the Oprah Winfrey drama series "The Women of Brewster Place".

   On July 1991, then 16 years old, Jennifer was hired by "Another World" and moved to New York to portray the newly created character of Hannah Moore, a misfit orphan on the NBC daytime drama. While on the show she attended and graduated from the Professional Children's School in New York City. She stayed with the show until November of 1992. At that point she gave her face a rest and began to concentrate on her voice. She can be heard on Adam Sandler's comedy album "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" and she also guest voiced on "The Critic" and dubbed lines in the English version of the French Miramax film "Baby Blood". Returning to work in front of the camera, she landed the part of Roanne on the short-lived ABC TV sitcom "Phenom" and appeared in the short independent film trailer "The Hairy Bird".

   She went from there to become Kes on "Star Trek: Voyager". While working there, Jennifer still found some time to lend her voice to other shows. She guest starred in an episode of "Duckman" and "Jonny Quest", narrated a show called "Perceptions" and did a voice in "Lion King 2". In the fall of 1997 she left "Voyager" and started working on the animated series of "Man in Black". During that time she also starred in films like "American History X" and "SLC Punk!". In 2000 she left "Man in Black" and soon after that she enrolled, and later graduated, from Chaffey College in California.

   Jennifer's enjoys reading, painting and playing the trombone, which she started learning in her high school band. She also gives her support to charities helping people suffering from AIDS, and has worked with the US group Camp 40.

   She is married to Philip Hwang and has one son, Jonah born on September 5, 2002.

Rubbernecking 2000 [Nurse]
S.L.C. Punk 1999 [Sandy]
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride 1998 [Vitani]*
Hoofboy 1998 [?????]
American History X 1998 [Davina Vinyard]
Spawn 1998 [Merrick]*
Man in Black 1997 - 2000 [Elle]*
Superman: The Animated Series 1997 [Inza]*
Jonny Quest 1996 [Elise Linoir]*
Duckman 1996 [Unknown]*
Star Trek: Voyager 1995 - 1997 [Kes]
Perceptions 1995 [Narrator]°
The Critic 1994 [Valerie Fox]*
Phenom 1993 - 1994 [Roanne]
They're All Gonna Laugh At You 1993 [Valedictorian]°
Baby Blood 1990 [Yanka]°
The Hairy Bird 19?? [?????]
Another World 1991 - 1992      [Hannah Moore]
Brewster Place 1990 [Student]
When Are You Coming Back Red Ryder      [Cheryl] s
Edmond [Glenna] s
Emergency Room [Sheila Brooks] s
Androcles and the Lion [Lavinia] s
Showboat [?????] s
Othello [Bianca] s
The Tempest [Miranda] s
* = Animated
° = Voice work
s = Stage work