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Another World is a soap opera with a long history. The show began on May 4, 1964 and was NBC's longest-running daytime drama until it ended June 25, 1999. Innovative since its inception, it was the first serial to adopt a one-hour format (January 1975) and, later, a 90-minute format (March 1979 to August 1980). NBC produced about 260 episodes a year. It weaves compelling plot twists and high drama around four key families: the Cory's, Hudson's, Carlino's and Frames. Each day their conflicts, triumphs and engaging relationships are played out in the fictional town of Bay City, Ill. Another World has everything a good soap opera needs: Marriages, divorces, stress disorders, multiple-personality disorders, alcohol addictions, manic-depressions and murders.

Jennifer Lien began working on the show in July 1991, as the misfit orphan Hannah Moore. She stayed on the show for 1 year and 4 months.


First Appearance: July 15-19, 1991
Last Appearance: November 23-27, 1992
Portrayer: Jennifer Lien, July 1991-November 1992.
Arrival: Came to live with foster sister Paulina Cory.
Departure: Left to attend college.
Introduction Scene: A hotel reception desk, about to forge Paulina Cory's signature, to the hotel clerk, "Is this where I sign?"
Exit Scene: The Cory mansion, with a crowd.
Birthday: July 8, 1974.
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.
Last Known Whereabouts: In college.
Flirtations: Matthew Cory and Jake McKinnon.
Former Occupations: Housekeeper for Iris Wheeler. Assistant at D & M Productions.

Jennifer Lien had a small appearance as a hatcheck girl / cigarette girl in the special episode "Case of the Stolen Heart", broadcasted February 13, 1992. It was in black and white and the story was set in the 1940s.


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Another World is owned by Procter & Gamble and was broadcasted on NBC