Baby Blood

A parasite from the dawn of creation enters a circus performer named Yanka and demands blood, lots of it. What follows is a cross country killing spree by Yanka and her "fetus" so she can quench his unstoppable thirst for blood. The story was written by Serge Cukier and Alain Robak and directed by Alain Robak.

Jennifer Lien does the voice over for the character Yanka, played by Emmanuelle Escourrou.

Emmanuelle Escourrou (Jennifer Lien)
.... Yanka
François Frappier
.... Leopard Deliveryman
Rémy Roubakha
.... Passenger in Taxi
Christian Sinniger
.... Lohman
Jean-François Gallotte
.... Richard
Thierry Le Portier
.... Le dompteur
Roselyne Geslot
.... Rosette


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