Brewster Place

Brewster Place is the follow-up of the show The Woman of Brewster Place and is an adaptation of Gloria Naylor's award winning novel. The story is told through the eyes of Mattie Michael (Oprah Winfrey), recalling her neighborhood Brewster Place. Set in the turbulent '60s as racial equality is coming of age, the show portrays Mattie as a source of strength and comfort for everyone as they struggle with the rigors of daily life and the little surprises it throws their way.

The series lasted one season and comprises of 11 episodes.

Jennifer Lien guest starred in one episode.

One Small Step at a Time
Season 1, episode #5
First Broadcast: 1990
Teleplay by Dianne Houston
Story by Earl Hammer & Don Snipes
Directed by Ivan Dixon

Guest Stars:

DeLeon Richards
Jason Weaver
John Beasley
James Deuter
Saralynn Crittenden
Rona Bennett
Jennifer Lien
Deanna Dunagan
John Allen
Shadelle Farrior

Mattie's young cousin Margaret registers for an audition at the all-white Wertmuller Conservatory of Music. But there a Mr. Prosky treats her like dirt, so Mattie decides to go down herself to confront him.


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