The show Duckman is a cartoon about Duckman (Jason Alexander), a hard boiled, tough talking, cowardly, bumbling, arrogant, selfish duck detective who makes a terribly poor living, taking cases that no other self-respecting detective would ever take...

Working with Duckman is his pig Friday, Cornfed (Gregg Berger), a tireless, even-keeled, straight man to the excitable duck. Also along for this ride are Fluffy and Uranus (Pat Musick), Duckman's annoyingly cute, incredibly politically correct office assistants, a pair of stuffed animal temp workers who were mistakenly hired as a result of a computer error. Duckman lives with his deceased wife's identical twin Bernice (Nancy Travis) who hates him and vows to make sure that the downy deadbeat doesn't destroy the lives of his children. The kids, Charles (Dana Hill) and Mambo (E.G. Dailey) are Duckman's preadolescent, two headed, twin sons whose main interests are computer games and arguing with each other. Ajax (Dweezil Zappa) is Duckman's goofy teenage son, a basically good, but bumbling kid who's constantly getting in trouble and bugging his dad about borrowing his car. Duckman is a crabby-but-lovable dreamer who longs for a world of black and white, a world that makes old fashioned guy who just wants to crack the BIG case and be left alone!

Duckman ended after its 4th season in September 1997 with the total of 70 episodes.

Jennifer Lien guest starred in one episode.

Apocalypse Not
Season 3, episode #3
First Broadcast: 24 Feb. 1996
Written by Bill Canterbury, Gene Laufenberg, Michael Markowitz and David Misch
Directed by Raymie Muzquiz

Guest Stars:
Jeff Bennett
.... Unknown
Elayne Boosler
.... Mayor Gallagher
Mary Pat Gleason
.... Unknown
Scott LaRose
.... Unknown
Jennifer Lien
.... Unknown
Roddy McDowall
.... Unknown
Stuart Pankin
.... Unknown
Walt Reno
.... Unknown

Duckman's accident with a blow up doll and an air pump causes the mayor to want the city to be prepared for future disasters. Duckman misses all the notices about the drill, so when the city is evacuated he believes he's the last man on earth and he runs free over the city. Single handedly he makes the city a disaster area.


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