Will Keenan made his directorial debut with the short mockumentalmelodrama he wrote called Hoofboy, released in October 1998. It's an autobiographical tale about a young man and his feet (and the women who won’t touch them!). A glimpse into the life of the podiatically well-endowed Hoofboy. He courts pedicurists, cobblers, and foot fetishists in an attempt to find a woman who can see beyond his shoe size.

Hoofboy stars; Will Keenan, Jane Jensen, Kerri Kenney, Jennifer Lien, Pauly Perret & Summer Phoenix

Jason Marchi both executive and co-produced for Omicron World Entertainment. Midnight Monkey Moving Pictures also co-produced. The 18 minute film is a creative blend of 16 mm black & white and 5 different video techniques. It was shot by New York based Director of Photography, William Miller.


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