Lion King II 'Simba's Pride'

After the success of The Lion King in 1994, Disney forged ahead with Simba's Pride. A direct-to-video sequel released on October 27, 1998. The story starts as Simba and Nala give birth to Kiara, a female cub. Timon and Pumbaa are given the task to baby-sit her. But she sneaks away and ends up in the forbidden Outlands, where the lionesses loyal to Scar are in exile. Zira, former mate of Scar, spies Kiara playing with a cub named Kovu. The tale unfolds as Kiara and Kovu fall in love and battle the forces of evil to take their place alongside Simba and Nala in the Pride Lands.

Matthew Broderick
.... Simba
Cam Clarke (singing)
Moira Kelly
.... Nala
Michelle Horn
.... Young Kiara
Charity Sanoy (singing)
Neve Campbell
.... Adult Kiara
Liz Calloway (singing)
Ryan O'Donahue
.... Young Kovu
Jason Marsden
.... Adult Kovu
Gene Miller (singing)
Nathan Lane
.... Timon
Ernie Sabella
.... Pumbaa
Edward Hibbert
.... Zazu
Robert Guillaume
.... Rafiki
Suzanne Pleshette
.... Zira
Lacey Chabert
.... Young Vitani
Crysta Macalush (singing)
Jennifer Lien
.... Adult Vitani
Andy Dick
.... Nuka


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