Spawn is a living Hellspawn, created by Malebolgia the Devil and is damned to an existence as an unholy pawn in hell's army of Armageddon. While alive he lived as Al Simmons and had a wife, Wanda Blake. Al worked as a CIA assassin but while on a mission he was killed by his fellow agent, Chapel, under the instruction of Jason Wynn their commanding officer. Al went to hell, but Malebolgia gave him a second chance, a chance to re-live, a chance to kill. Al turned against Malebolgia and helped people, thinking he could get his soul back. Malebolgia then got mad and sent Spawn a mortal enemy called Violator to destroy him. When the Violator isn't chasing Spawn, he is disguised as a clown and named The Clown. Spawn's battle for redemption leads him into fights with many unnatural enemies like Redeemer, The Curse, the half human & half machine Overkill, and warrior angels like Angela and Tiffany.

Spawn is the creation of Todd McFarlane. In 1991 McFarlane left Marvel to launch Image, an independent comics company, with several other artists. The character Spawn appeared a year later as Image's flagship title and has become one of the most popular comic characters of all time. Spawn's battle for redemption has led to great success among comic's readers and toy buyers. In 1997 the Spawn movie was released and followed shortly behind by the HBO's Spawn animated series. McFarlane Entertainment supervised both projects.

Spawn has finished its 3rd season with 18 episodes.

Jennifer Lien guest starred in one episode.

Season 2, episode #6
First Broadcast: June 19, 1998

Jennifer voices the part of Merrick.


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