The Critic is an animated half-hour comedy from the producers of The Simpsons. The show takes viewers into the world of acerbic New York film critic Jay Sherman (Jon Lovitz). Pudgy, balding Jay Sherman is the host of cable channel 67's "Coming Attractions," reviewing classic and current films which, although loved by the public, fall far short of his high critical standards. Jay's constant struggle to balance his contempt for popular taste with his need to be loved and his search for happiness and success is the premise for this irreverent comedy.

James L. Brooks, Al Jean and Mike Reiss produced The Critic. It was made by Gracie Films in association with Columbia Pictures Television, and animated by Film Roman.

The first season began airing in the U.S. on ABC January 26th, 1994. In the second part of the season the episodes moved to Fox on May 29th, 1995. The entire series lasted only one season and comprises of 23 episodes.

Jennifer Lien guest starred in one episode.

Episode #1
First Broadcast: 26 January 1994

Guest Stars:
Jennifer Lien
.... Valerie Fox
Gene Shalit
.... Himself
Brenda Vaccaro
.... Ardeth
Margaret Chao

Actress Valerie Fox makes a play for Jay, but does she only want a good movie review?


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