The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

In 1964 Hanna-Barbera productions began on the Jonny Quest series, which was based on the idea's of Doug Wildey. The show is about the adventures of the 14-year-old boy Jonny Quest and his best friend Hadji Singh. Jonny's dad, the scientist Dr. Benton Quest and a family friend, Race Bannon, accompany them. The original series lasted only one year with the total of 26 episodes, which have been broadcast on CBS, ABC, NBC and on cable channels throughout the years.

In August 1995 Hanna-Barbera launched a new series called The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The theme is the same but a new member has joined the group, Race Bannon's daughter Jessie. The voices are in the hands of J.D. Roth (Jonny Quest), George Segal (Dr. Quest), Michael Benyaer (Hadji), Jennifer Hale (Jessie Bannon) and Robert Patrick (Race Bannon)

The show ended it's second and final season in 1997 with 52 episodes.

Jennifer Lien guest starred in one episode.

Season 2, episode #12
First Broadcast: 27 Dec. 1996
Writer: Glenn Leopold
Producer: Larry Houston
Quest Byte Writer: Michael Ryan

Guest Stars:
James Barbour
.... Andrew/Second Cop/Thug
Michael Carven
.... Arnaoud
Troy Evans
.... Sgt Kenton/Running Man
Mary Gregory
.... Mrs Adrian
Jennifer Lien
.... Elise
Rob Paulsen
.... Doc

Hadji falls in love with a young woman, but she isn't all that she seems.


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