Jennifer Lien Take a Chance with the Stars On-Line Chat

Jennifer Lien was a guest on Take a Chance with the Stars chat session on October 18, 1997.

Chat Moderator: Next up is Jennifer Lien from "Star Trek: Voyager." She plays the character "Kes" on "ST: Voyager." Go ahead and ask your questions in about what's coming up on the show...

Question: How long did it take you to get your first major role?
Jennifer Lien: It was on a soap, "Another World." I was sixteen at the time.

Q: "Kes," how do you like being involved in a space TV show?

Chat Moderator: Jennifer has just informed us that she's no longer a part of the "ST: Voyager" crew. What's coming up for you in the future?

JL: I've got a film coming out in November - "American History-X" and I'm doing a voice for "Men in Black."

Q: Do you like sci-fi in real life?
JL: Yes, very much. I'm excited about "Gattaca" that's coming soon.

Q: Were you in "Star Trek: First Contact"?
JL: No, but I saw it and I enjoyed it very much.

Q: What do you mean your doing a voice for "Men in Black?"
JL: I did a voice-over for the animated series that's appearing on Saturday mornings.

Q: How did you get into acting?
JL: I started off by doing theater performances.

Chat Moderator: Jennifer is taking off now to join the party. Now joining us is...

Chat script from Take a Chance with the Stars website.