"Growing Up Is Great"
That's One Of The Many Things Jennifer Lien Has Done This Past Year!

Article by Lucille Giordano

    You may have noticed her at first during Jake (Tom Eplin) and Paulina's (Judi Evans) nuptials. She cut a striking figure in a bright red dress that would make any man turn his head. Since then, Jennifer Lien (Hannah, Another World) has become a force to be reckoned with on-screen. This talented lady knows what she wants, and knows how to get it!
  "Hannah has a lot of pent-up anger and energy" explains Jennifer. "She likes to talk... a lot! She doesn't know how to keep her thoughts inside of her. She just blurts out how she feels at that particular moment."

Jennifer Lien     The only similarity between Jennifer and Hannah are their looks. Jennifer is a sedate, serious young woman, who talks of her life as if she is telling you a quiet story. There is no raising of her voice to make a point, because once this lady gets you in her audience you're hooked!
    One of Jennifer's latest accomplishments was graduating from The Professional Children's School in New York City this past June. Education is something that was not always foremost in Jennifer's life, but has become so as she has gotten older, and wiser. "I went to a high school on the south side of Chicago. Some of the teachers were very wonderful and very caring," she remarks. "There were many that didn't care. It was a rough place, in a rough neighborhood. A lot of the kids gave the teachers a hard time, they didn't have a chance, so they had to put on a hard exterior. Unfortunately, when I got that negative attitude, I didn't care. Here, the kids and teachers did care. It was great!"

    School wasn't the only place where Jennifer learned a great deal. She also has the opportunity to work daily with two of the best in the business, Tom Eplin and Judi Evans. She and Judi share a dressing room together, and it's not your ordinary relationship. "She gives me pointers. If I'm really stressed out and I can't find direction, in a very down to earth non-pretentious way, she'll show me the reality of it and she's always right on target. She's herself - a really good person.
    The one thing that Jennifer stresses is that when you do meet her, don't be surprised if she seems a bit different then her character. "Hannah is a lot different then me. She's got a different voice, a different walk, different talk. Hannah is frazzled and she's going through a point in her life where she's never exposed to anyone, except in the orphanage and in Bay City. She knows the streets and she has a good sense of herself, but she's not fully developed. Emotionally, not physically."

Text from Daytime TV - Vol. 23 - #4 - Holiday 1992 - Page 39
Article used without permission.