Jennifer Lien

By Amanda Finch

Jennifer Lien     Look out, Wesley Crusher! Star Trek has a new resident child prodigy: Jennifer Lien, a two-year-old Ocampa, on Star Trek: Voyager. With only a nine-year life span, this character has no time to lose. She practices medicine, botany and the culinary arts, and that variety appeals to the actress who portrays her. "I like Kes," Lien says. "She's strong and curious and intelligent. We've developed the character and these traits over the past two seasons, but she's still a child in a way with the same fears and inhibitions and worries that we all have. This kind of diversity in a character is challenging and that's good."

    "I think Kes and Neelix still need to explore some issues of trust," Lien comments on the "Beauty and the Beast" relationship. "I think Neelix's jealousy is getting to be minimal, because the character is learning. I don't think I emphasized as much, because they've grown in this relationship. When it becomes too obsessive, it becomes scary, and I don't think that's what the character of Neelix is all about."

    Lien has no fears that she will be typecast as Kes forever. "You don't have to be! Who says you have to be? It's a big world and not everybody knows who you are," she says. "Some people don't even watch TV. Right now is what I'm doing right now. I'm entertaining people, and that makes me happy."

Text from Sci-Fi Universe - Vol. 3 - Issue #1 - September 1996 - Page 10
Article used without permission.