Hidden Gems
We love ER, but, really, those hospital greens are not much to look at. For real stars of style, check out these sizzlers...

Article by Erin McLaughlin and Ellen Vanstone

Jennifer Lien, Star Trek Voyager
Kes' colorful cosmic catsuits set her aside from the rest of the monochromatic crew (except for rooster-haired boyfriend Neelix) and are so well-designed that Lien says she never feels frumpy, even after an eating binge. And, while you might think wearing a hairpiece would mean never having a bad hair day, guess again. "It seems to have moods of its own, if you can attribute that to a wig," says Lien, who offscreen sports a mane of long blond curls. "There are always times when the hair wants to do one thing and I want it to do another!"

Text from TV Guide - Cable Edition - Issue #1008 - Vol.20 No.16 - April 20, 1996 - Page 23
Article used without permission.