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   Pétur Knútsson - p0

Check here to see if you already have p0 installed.

p0 ("p-zero") is the phonetics font I use in most of my pages and handouts. It is a non-professional patched job. If you are looking for a good professional font that has all its metrics right, I suggest you download Doulos SIL, or check the fonts on
the IPA website at

p0 has served me very well since I created it over twenty years ago (in its original edition it was a BBC bitmap font). Its main advantage is that the symbols for English are in the main mapped on to ordinary keys and shift-keys, which makes for rapid typing of phontetically transcribed English - this was its original function. It works for RP and GA, and also incidentally for Icelandic. However, using normal keystrokes also means shifting font in mid-sentence for short stretches - if you want to incorporate phonetic examples into normal text then a traditional font such as Doulos will serve better.

The Windows version is downloadable here. It comes without copyright or warranty of any sort: use it at your own risk. It is also subject to frequent and ad hoc revisions, although I try to remain faithful to my original collection of texts. NB it prints out better than it looks on the screen!

Download p0 here and put it in your fonts file. Open My Computer > System > Windows > Fonts
I'm told that you can install this in a Macintosh using Font Book for Mac 101.
For an older Macintosh System 9 version, email me at

Documentation (table of keystrokes) is available as a pdf file here
and as a word file here (in which case you will need to install p0 first.)

Note that because schwa is mapped on to 0 (zero), the font name often appears as " "

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