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   05 15 11 Ensk málsaga - History of English
Pétur Knútsson, Spring 2007

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Our textbook is Baugh and Cable's History of the English Language. My edition is 5th, 2002; earlier editions are just as good for our purposes.
We shall read  Chapters 1-9.

During this course, we'll look at how English first came to be spoken in the British Isles, where it came from, and what it must have been like in prehistoric times. But most of this course will deal with the way English has changed over the past 1500 years since it first came to Britain. As we go through the story, we'll often refer to the following chart which might be called The Timespan of English:

A history of the English language over a period of 1500 years? In 13 weeks, with two lectures a week? Is this serious?
Assessment  : Term assignment      20%

Final exam 80%
A passing grade is required in both parts of this assessment.
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