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Phonetics II: Prosody
(Ensk hljóðfræði II: Tónfall samfellds máls
Pétur Knútsson,
Autumn 2011

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Week Date Topics Documents

30 Aug Segmental Phonetics and Prosody Introductory slide: segmental and supra-segmental phonetics

  Screen capture first session second session

  6 Sep Helpful links from Phonetics I
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Sentence Stress
Weak & strong vowels again
Placement of sentence stress.
Weak forms
Look-up table

Slides from Phonetics I which I shall probably use in class:
word stress
sentence stress

placement of sentence stress

Exercise 1

  Screen capture

13 Sep
  • Nucleus

  • The rightmost tendency

  • Broad and narrow focus

  • Old and new information (fresh and shared information)

Preparation for week 3 Sentences and text for classwork
IPs and nuclear placement

  Screen capture

20 Sep
  • Exceptions to the rightmost tendency

  • Moving the nucleus around - discourse stress patterns

We shall continue with last week's slide
Exercise 2  (includes answers to Exercise 1)
Mini-exercise 3   report

  Screen capture

27 Sep In my absence:
Moving the Nucleus Around (video) (I suggest you download - right-click and say "Save Target As")
Smaller file, poorer quality, for easy download)
Slides used in the video
Class exercise: providing contexts

  4 Oct Reading week (moved forward from Week 7 because I am abroad this week) My answers to Exercise 2
Exercise 4

11 Oct
  • Tones on the nucleus

  • Four basic English tones: Fall, Rise, Fall-rise, Rise-fall

Notes on Exercise 2
Nuclei and tones (1)
Movie: No!

  Screen capture    EXTRACT:  notes to ex.2

18 Oct
  • Beginning acoustic phonetics
  • Working with Praat
Intro to acoustic phonetics
First exercises with Praat
  Screen capture: Praat    Main session

25 Oct
  • Tone languages and intonation languages
  • 6 working tones: High Fall, Low Fall, High Rise, Low Rise, Fall-Rise, Rise-Fall
You can throw anything you like into the fire
Tone languages and intonation languages
Intonation 1
Intonation 2
Exercise 5   Video on Praat

 Screen capture (remember to right-click and save to your desktop before viewing - works better)

 1 Nov
  • Notes on assignment 4
  • Tones on the nucleus and the tail
  • High and Low Heads
  • The head and pre-head
Intonation 3 (Please let me know if the audio links
Intonation 4
(don't work - I'll add links here
 Screen capture: first session  second session

8 Nov
  • Working with Praat: studies in pitch
  • Working with Audacity: capturing and editing your own audio files
Exercise 6
 How to save and send Praat audio files
How to include prosody signs in assignments

15 Nov
  • Working with texts and audios
  • deaccenting
Due date for Exercise 4 repeat
Deaccenting   Daniel Jones's intonation curves
Screen capture
Final paper (60%)
. Due date: 16 December

22 Nov
  • Review and final paper
Due date for Exercise 6.
Screen capture
Finally .... My answers to exercise 5
How I graded exercise 5
Comments on Exercise 5 - Pitch Settings
Comment on comment : Pétur fails to deaccent!

How high/low is your voice?
My answers to exercise 6, questions 1-10
How I graded exercise 6
Comments on Exercise 6

What is your pitch range?

My answers for Questions 1 and 2 of the final paper

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