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Phonetics II: Prosody 
Ensk hljóðfræði II: Tónfall samfellds máls

Pétur Knútsson,
Autumn 2011

About the course

In the phonetics module in the first year we dealt mainly with the individual speech-sounds of English.
In this course we will explore the stress patterns of sentences and the way the individual sounds are affected by these stress-patterns.

This will to a large extent be a hands-on course, hopefully with more practice than theory.
However, in order to understand what is going on, we will need to analyse the speech sounds in some detail.
I shall expect you to download and experiment with a very simple, small (and free) speech analysis program which I shall be introducing in class.  It's called Praat, and you can download it from


All readings for this course will be provided on Ugla; in addition, there is extensive material available on this site. Those of you who already own Roach's Phonetics and Phonology, which I have used in the first year, will find that second half of this book covers much of the material from this course.


We shall discuss assessment in class at the beginning of the course. At present I envisage class and home assignments, with no final exam.

BA and MA students

The course is open to all students who have completed my Phonetics I or a comparable course such as How Lanuage Works.
I shall also accept MA students into the course. In addition to the BA work, MA students will be expected thoroughly to acquaint themselves with Praat and show their ability to carry out independent research on speech samples which they have acquired themselves.

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