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   ENS 207 G Enskar mállýskur - English Dialects
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Reading:Melchers and Shaw


11 Jan

Language and dialect
Prestige and Standardization

First-week assignment.
Note that the videos (screen capture) for this course are posted in Ugla undir "Upptökur", which means "recordings". (If I change the name of the folder to "Recordings" the system will create a new folder called "Upptökur" and save the videos to that.)
My answers to first assignment (posted 22 Jan at 10.30). NB in this version I forgot Rhoticity!!!
My answers to the first assignment   (In this version I have added Rhoticity!) This assignment is now closed.
Chapters 1,2 and 3.
13 Jan First 3 readings are now posted in Ugla under "Readings", to be discussed in this session. I shall also discuss the first 3 Chapters of Melchers and Shaw.
Slides used in this session: Reading 2 (Wells Sets and Systems)  Linguistic Variables


18 Jan

Accent vs dialects    
Regional vs. RP
Isoglosses and continua

Readings 1 and 3 in Ugla
Isoglosses    Language and Dialect (slide from 1st year
20 Jan Trees and Waves
Workshop 1: South of England (now posted in Ugla)



Sets and variables
Rules and processes

We will review assignment 1, finish the South of England, and start looking at Reading 4 (in Ugla) 4.1 England
4.2 Wales
4.3 Scotland
4.4 Ireland
27 Jan Workshop 2 North of England (now posted in Ugla)
Processes I
Second assignment.


1 Feb

Mapping the British Isles

Questions on second assignment
More on processes - prominent British changes after the Crossing of the Atlantic (Wells's "Great Divide")
Processes II
Clearing up England: practice in listening. Here are the clips I used:
Withypool: http://sounds.bl.uk/View.aspx?item=021M-C0908X0065XX-0800V0.xml#
3 Feb Processes III
Processes IV (.. .up to slide 17. To be continued on Monday)


8 Feb

Mapping the British Isles

Finishing Processes IV ...
10 Feb Here is the Northumberland clip that I played at the beginning of the screen capture at 09:10:
Here is the Dundee clip at 16:25.
Here is the Aberdeenshire audio I made in 1990-something at the Lonach Games. I played it at the end of the class, but had to turn off the screen capture.
Workshop 3 Scotland and Wales (now posted in Ugla)
Third assignment. (will be explained on Monday 15 Feb.) 
How to record audio clips

15 Feb

Mapping the British Isles

Audio clips that I used in class: "earthquake"    "perfect"
All the other clips and texts have been posted in Ugla under "Workshop 3
TRAP-BATH-PALM-START    TRAP-LOT-STRUT (these 2 slides were used to comment on Assignment 2)
Slide on Wales
17 Feb Slide on Ireland
Workshop 4 Ireland - now posted
Workshop 5: area chronology in the British Isles
- will be posted shortly (Instead of this workshop, I shall show a slide in class, introducing the half-term assignment)
Slide on dialectal areas in Britain

22 Feb
24 Feb

 Reading week

Fourth assignment (mid-term)  


1 Mar

Chronology: colonialism.

North American


4.5 The USA
4 Mar Workshop 5: Regional American (in Ugla now)
slide on circles of English
slide on the European settlement of N. America
slide on N.American English


8 Mar

North America

Today I'll finish the slideshow on American English, which won't take long, and for the rest of the lesson we'll be looking at the regional American texts and audios in Ugla and also this clip of an Icelander speaking to an American. Please note that I'll have to shut down the microphone while playng the sound clips, which means that the eMission version will be more difficult to follow. So if you can, I advise you to come to class!
Surprise: r-intrusion in rhotic American English (sent in by Baldur Snćr Jónsson
4.6 Canada
10 Mar Worshop 6: Canada.  See also Workshop 6 in Ugla
Canadian Raising
Fifth assignment.


15 Mar

Southern Hemisphere (Interlude: here's the Scottish clip I played at the beginning of the lesson )
Worshop 7: Southern Hemisphere. See also Workshop 7 in Ugla
introductory slide on Southern Hemisphere
slide on Australia
4.7 Australia
4.8 New Zealand
4.9 South Africa
17 Mar slide on New Zealand
slide on South Africa
Remember the text in Workshop 7 in Ugla!


22 Mar

India and Africa Worshop 8, Africa and India is now in Ugla 5 The Outer Circle
24 Mar slide on India


29 Mar

Pidgins and creoles

Worshop 9: Pidgins and Creoles is now in Ugla
slide on pidgins and creoles
31.3 - 6 4 Easter Week.  Go easy on the chocolate. Don't fall into any volcanoes. Eastre, Eastre, Eastre, eorđan módor .....
7 Apr Black English slide on Assignment 4 (mid-term assignment)
slide on Gullah and Black English
We didn't have time to talk about language contact effects between Norse and English in the Middle Ages in England, although I said "I'll come back to that point" several times in class. I'll mention it briefly next week


12 Apr


Woolwich Free Ferry: text and audio in Ugla ("Worhshop 10 - Review").
Remember homework for this week:
  • Go over the materrial of this course and focus on the parts that are not clear in your mind.

  • Bring up these points in class next week OR send me an email asking about them

  • Take a look at the text and audio which I shall post in Ugla shortly - I'll inform you when it's ready.
    14 Apr The audio clips used in this last lesson have now been posted in Ugla in "Workshop 10 - Review"
    Final Paper  Please note change of due date.